Space Clutter - Christel Wolf Illustration
Another illustration for all the space lovers out there, made by the Amsterdam based illustrator 'Christel Wolf'. This illustration is also available as fine art print in the webshop. Take a look!
illustration, fine art print, webshop, girls, space, science fiction
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Space Clutter

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affordable art, art for sale, artshop, betaalbare kunst, children room, Christel Wolf, fairytale, girls, home decoration, illustratie, illustration, interieur, interior, kinderkamer, meisjes, ruimte, ruimteschepen, space, spaceships, starwars
About This Project


30,2 x 42,8 cm with a 1 cm white border


This image is for sale as an open edition illustration. Click the button bellow if you would like to order.